DSS is a one stop full operation company, designed to assist designers through the complex procedures of creating a new collection. With over 10 years of industry experience, we have the ability to connect designers with the knowledge and recourses need to succeed in the fashion industry.

DSS has worked with a diverse variety of designers, including many well established high end designers, and many designers that have shown at international trade shows.

With our many years of experience we have the ability to work with a variety of different fabrics. Experts at our company are capable of performing sample making, pattern making, and production, CAD, grading, and marking.

We can assist designers to develop a final product that is cost efficient and will satisfy any consumer.



Pattern-Making is the primary preparation for creating a cut-and-sew woven garment. We have very skillful pattern makers who have over 10 years experience making patterns.

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After correcting the pattern, we make a sample with intended actual fabrics and trims.

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We can manufacture your products and designs. We offer Made in the USA manufacturing at low minimums, 15 units per style.

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We are available for any project!